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Jeffery Epstein's So-Called Suicide Creates More Questions Than It Answers

Gerry Bello

Billionaire Pedophile Jeffery Epstein, who has previously been extensively covered by this publication, was found dying in his cell last night in the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in NYC and pronounced dead later at the hospital. Although he was seen on a stretcher bleeding from the ears (photo below) and the cause of death was officially cardiac arrest, authorities claim he committed suicide and hanging himself in his cell.

Epstein had been placed on suicide watch after his last alleged attempt two weeks ago. The suicide watch procedures for the MCC are unclear at this time, but they are clear in other similar federal maximum facilities like Fort Leavenworth, where Chelsea Manning was held in a strip cell with direct non-stop observation on suicide watch. Interestingly, authorities claim that the cameras in the prison had an “unknown malfunction” last night and did not record his fatal injuries. Epstein had been removed from direct suicide watch and placed in the still super maximum security housing unit (SHU) after six days and daily evaluation by doctors.

Epstein's long running grooming and rape of teenage girls is well known. His arrest caused the resignation of Alex Acosta on July 19th. Acosta was the US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida at the time of Epstein's first arrest and allowed him what has been called the plea deal of a lifetime. Under the agreement which affected 36 victims, Epstein, along with four co-conspirators and any unnamed "potential co-conspirators," did not face federal criminal charges. The agreement required Epstein to plead guilty to two state prostitution charges, register as a sex offender, and pay restitution to victims. The amounts of the restitution are unknown, and Epstein served his jail time mostly on work release. Since he was a self-employed hedge fund manager that meant he spent his “jail” time in the very mansion on his own private island that he committed his crimes at in the first place.

Acosta has said that he had been told that Epstein was “intelligence.. leave him alone” during his vetting to be Donald Trump's Secretary of Labor. Trump's connections to Epstein, including the sharing of victims, have been the subject of court cases that have been withdrawn due to threats. This was reported on by the Mockingbird in 2016 prior to Trump's nomination. This publication has alleged that Epstein is an asset of both American and British intelligence services, who used his sharing of proclivities with other wealthy and powerful people as a “honeypot” to ensnare and domesticate them.

Epstein's trial was to take place in the Southern District of New York in the court of Judge Laura Preska. Preska's connections to the intelligence community and willingness to flaunt the law were documented during the trial of hacktivist Jeremy Hammond. Hammond, who is still serving time, was arrested for hacking Stratfor, a private intelligence company that counted Preska's husband as one of it's clients. Stratfor's data, which Hammond released included his credit card information. A link to the republication of this data also lead to the arrest and conviction of journalist Barrett Brown. [Editors note: This Author is a friend of Hammond and worked with him politically on other projects and is also involved with past and present journalistic projects associated with Brown]

Epstein's alleged suicide comes one day after court documents in previous cases were unsealed under order. These documents included testimony from a 2016 case brought by Virginia Giuffre, who settled in 2017. Part of that second sweetheart deal included the sealing of the case. Giuffre said in sworn testimony that she had been recruited at Trump's Mar-A-Largo resort by Epstein's girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell to provided erotic massage to Epstein and his friends. Giuffre's father was named “most valuable employee” at Mar-a-Largo by Trump in 2000 before taking another job in Colorado. Her recruitment to “learn massage” later escalated into her being used a, in her words, sex slave and being directed to have sex alone and in groups with Maxwell, Epstein and others.

The others named in Giuffre's sworn testimony include Harvard Law Professor and torture proponent Alan Dershowitz, who helped cover up Ted Kennedy's murder of Mary Jo Kopechne in the Chappaquiddick affair. Also named were Prince Andrew (who Epstein had a direct Buckingham Palace phone number for), Glenn Dubin (Co-Founder of Highbridge Capital and Dubin & Co. LP), former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, former Senate Majority Leader (D-ME) and Chairman of Disney George Mitchell, and MIT Artificial intelligence pioneer Marvin Minsky, who also sat on the scientific advisory board of the ALCOR Life Extension Foundation. When Minsky died in 2016, his body was preserved with cryogenic technology by ALCOR for later revival as patient 144.

Alcor, in exchange for being the beneficiary of a client's life insurance policy, agrees to place either the head or entire body of the client in cryogenic deep freeze until some cure for the illness that was within seconds of killing them. An “emergency response team” is on kept on standby by ALCOR rush to where it is needed to carry out this bizarre scientific experiment and final act of hubris.

Epstein was both a client of ALCOR and a donor to it's companion foundation Humanity+. He has sponsored the organization both directly and through bundling donations that are alleged to include funding from intelligence community billionaire darling Peter Thiel, founder of the big data surveillance company Palantir.

Epstein is alleged to be a client of ALCOR, contracting to have his head and bizarrely his penis (reputed in other court cases to be egg shaped) frozen for later revival. He also had planned to impregnate 20 women at a time on a New Mexico ranch to seed humanity with DNA from his egg shaped dicksickle. This author has wondered aloud if combining Epstein's egg shaped dick with Donald Trump's tiny (and as alleged by Stormy Daniels) mushroom shaped cock on a skillet would result in something called a Mar-a-Largo omelet. Both tiny mutant members will have to be warmed up, the former from a bath in liquid nitrogen and the latter from disuse.

As Epstein only died in the early morning hours Friday, July 9th, and it is still the weekend at the time of this writing, there has not been time to file public records requests on both the Federal Bureau of Prisons, which runs MCC, nor the FDNY which transported the dying pedophile to the hospital. This will happen Monday and will focus on finding any communications with the Alcor life extension foundation.

Nobody has ever been successfully revived from their still final resting place in the nitrogen vats owned by ALCOR. It is not clear Epstein was murdered by intelligence services to silence him in order to protect entrenched elites, attempted suicide and succeeded, or hoped that he and the rape egg he kept in his pants would elude justice via technology until he could come in from the cold after his 20 year child rape career was forgotten.

The connections between Epstein's rape island and it's visitors, Ghislaine Maxwell's mid-town Manhattan apartment and it's teenage prisoners, his uptown Manhattan mansion shared with Columbus billionaire Les Wexner, and all their connections to intelligence and organized crime will have been and will continue to be investigated by the Mockingbird. We will leave no name unnamed.