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Half_Exposed Visual Artist Aina Turiaga Suggests Rehab for Our Interview

Aina Turiaga (prononuced ‘I nah. Tour e ah gah.’) was born in the Philippines and immigrated to the United States when she was age 18 as the much anticipated result of a petition put forth by her family back in the 1970s came to fruition. With a beginning in sewing and crafting in textiles, to learning and playing with darkroom photography, Aina now defines herself as a visual artist in mixed media. She will be returning to the darkroom for her solo show in October at Rehab Tavern which is expected to be an exciting show.


Ohio Roller Derby All-Stars win landslide victories over the League of Women's Rollers.

The National Weather Service issued storm warnings for Saturday April 2nd, with huge gusts of wind expected from the northwest. The Ithaca League of Women's Rollers blew into Columbus from Ithaca NY, which is to the northeast. They did not fell trees or down power lines. The two-bout match up, the first between the OHRD All Stars and the 77th ranked SufferJets, followed by Gang Green versus the BlueStockings, produced lopsided outcomes not seen since Michael Dukakis's presidential run in 1988.


Ohio Roller Girls Open 2016 Season with a slugfest against the Ann Arbor Brawl Stars.

The OHRD 2016 season opening bout promised to be tough derby before it even began as Ohio's mighty mavens of mayhem squared off the Ann Arbor Brawlstars, a rising division two team. Ranked 56, Ann Arbor had skyrocketed up 29 ranking places in the 2015 season and not had to suffer roster cuts from retirements or transfers. Both the charter team and B-team bouts were projected to be tough, and those projections proved more than true.


Its hard to watch Star Wars with your cousin when it begins with a jackboot to your teeth.


Its that special time of the year when people do the holiday-family thing: food, gifts, reunion, togetherness, movies. Its also a special time of a generation when my family can introduce its youngest member, my cousin, to the magic of the ultimate myth: Star Wars. I saw Star Wars in the theaters as a small child. It was magic. I was so anxious to pass that magic to my young cousin 38 and change years later.


How to not be phone-less for $5 or less a month

Back in the day people used to share phone numbers, there was one land line and it didn't extract a small fortune monthly from your paycheck. But communal phone lines have more or less died with the rise of the cell phone. Now a days its not uncommon for people to pay 100$ or more a month for their connection to the world. But what if it was possible to have your own phone with unlimited texting and long-distance for only 5$ or less a month?


Game of Thrones review: Spoilers, Slash fic, Math and Hugs.

It's that Game of Thrones time of year again. For those of you unaware of the world of internet piracy somebody out there leaked the first four episodes. Therefore some viewers are a bit ahead of the rest. Those of us who have read all the books that have been published so far are ahead of you by quite a bit. After getting the news, I watched all four episodes in a marathon with a friend to see how this season would turn out. To this end it is only fair to warn you dear reader that there are