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Neo-Nazi Group Targets Residents in South Campus Area

Gerry Bello

While some of their members flashed white power hand signs in Houston, members of the neo-nazi group “Ohio Proud Boys” were busy on campus. The Neil Avenue corridor between 10th street and 5th was covered in recruiting fliers. At the same time, several residents found hand drawn swastikas stuffed into their mail slots at their homes, including inside apartment buildings in an obvious attempt at intimidation.

While some of them posed with guns while standing merely knee deep in the flood waters of suburban Houston, the ones proud enough to stay home were proudly advertising their fliering to “take our city back” and “stop anyone from taking down any more statues.” No statues have been removed from Columbus.

The local neo-nazi group operates only a few blocks from where the head of the Daily Stormer, Andrew Anglin, keeps his false voter registration. They apparently intend to take their city back block by block by coming to people's homes in the early morning.

Their trip to Houston was a self-described “anti-looting” patrol, which means taking advantage of a climate change disaster to carry out ethnic cleansing. Their are no boats, supplies, or shelters in their photograph, just young white men with guns flashing nazi gang signs over a thousand miles from home.

Their propaganda offensive in South Campus, combined with another flier drop in the Iuka park area comes less than a week after another armed neo-nazi group plastered fliers all over the town of Yellow Springs a little over and hour away. This is in the wake of neo-nazi recruitment literature being dropped at people's homes in both Westerville and Clintonville in the last month and groups of Nazis targeting businesses up and down High Street.

What is happening is a neo-nazi intimidation campaign, consisting of fliers on poles, fliers on porches, swastikas shoved into homes and an armed nazi gang based in Columbus roaming the nation looking for a chance to shoot someone.

The South Campus area saw a wave of increased policing followed by a wave of OSU financed and led gentrification. Now it is full of nazis and police are nowhere to be found while armed thugs come to people's homes. Conservative student groups with strong neo-nazi links use hotels in the tax-free district of downtown for their conventions.

The University has targeted old North for Gentrification next, and the nazis are making themselves known there. This will be followed by South Linden, where already the police kill unarmed black people at the highest rate in the nation. A national neo-nazi group is headquartered in Worthington. Meanwhile anti-fascist demonstrators are targeted for abuse and tear gas is deployed in the streets to suppress any protest against police brutality.

The linkage between police brutality and murder, the OSU led real estate development agenda, City Council's continued disenfranchisement of the black community and neo-nazi activity is literally written on the map of Columbus as if it were zoning regulations. Nothing happens in a vacuum, and the Mockingbird will continue to cover it all. The nazi flood waters reach from Houston to Columbus and back.