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Meet the ICE agents, detention centers and corporations who profit from them in Ohio

Gerry Bello

On June 30th and number of political groups are calling for a national day of action at ICE facilities around the country in opposition to America's growing network of public and private concentration camps for both adults and children. There has been public outcry at the seemingly ever growing list human rights abuses that America's government carries out against migrants and asylum seekers, sometimes handing out public dollars to private corporations for institutional physical, psychological and sexual child abuse.

While most people associate these facilities with Southern and Southwestern border states, Ohio is home to a few both public and private.

Two days ago, on June 19th, a list of 1595 ICE employees began circulating on the internet. The list of names was taken by searching linkedin for profiles of current ICE employees. The Mockingbird has confirmed the residence of 5 of these in Ohio and included them in the list of facilities provided below in support of this national day of action.

ICE Employees:

Jason Edmister, Deportation Officer, Columbus Office.7801 SYCAMORE RD CENTERBURG OH 43011 Jason was a Marine and a mailman before working for ICE

James Banks, Deportation Officer Cleveland Akron Office 2610 LESTER RD MEDINA, OH 44256 James lives with his wife Shelly and moonlights as a firearms instructor with his own company called Phase Line Defense LLC

Matthew O'Brien, Special Investigator Mansfield Office 41 Otterbein Dr Mansfield, OH 44904-9341 (419) 884-0849 - (419) 589-2930 -(865) 588-4104 This is one of the guys who will be revoking people's citizenship

Cheryl Gutridge, Senior Attorney, Cleveland/Akron. 5536 FOREST LN BRECKSVILLE, OH. 44141 Cheryl lives with her husband Michael and makes $138,000 a year putting a thin veneer of legality on human rights abuse

Christopher Wallace, Criminal Investigator Cincinnati, 2633 GROVER HILL AVE CINCINNATI OH 45212 Christopher lives with his wife Erin and is a “counter-terrorism expert” who has extensive education in the so-called “Psychology of Terrorism”

Do not approach any of these people alone. They are armed and dangerous racists who make their living ripping apart families and torturing children.


Corporate Offices: 

General Dynamics

1900 Founders Drive, Suite 106Dayton, Ohio 45420

General Dynamics just signed a big contract to provide a massive new immigrant detention camp for children and adults.

GEO Group

The Geogroup is one of the largest private prison corporations in America. Through their subsidiary Abraxas the hold immigrant children while pretending they are in the mental health business at the following Ohio locations:


Abraxas Counseling Center 899 East Broad Street, Suite 100, Columbus, Ohio 43205

Abraxas Ohio Address 2775 State Route 39, Shelby, OH 44875

    Cincinnati Counseling Center 2368 Victory Parkway, Suite 501, Cincinnati, Ohio 45206

      Cincinnati Counseling Center 2368 Victory Parkway, Suite 501, Cincinnati, Ohio 45206



        CoreCivic is also a large private prison corporation and operate two private prisons that house detainees along with state and federal prisoners:

        Lake Erie Correctional Institution Conneaut, OH

        Northeast Ohio Correctional Center Youngstown, OH


        Public Institutions:

        The Following County Jails in Ohio receive federal subsidies for housing immigration detainees. Detainees are transported there from around the country.

        Seneca County Jail

        3040 South State Route 100

        Tiffin, OH, 44883


        Morrow County Correctional Facility

        101 Home Road

        Mt. Gilead, OH, 43338

        Butler County Correctional Complex

        705 Hanover Street

        Hamilton, OH, 45011


        Bedford Heights City Jail

        5661 Perkins Road

        Bedford Heights, OH, 44146


        Geauga County Safety Center

        12450 Merritt Road

        Chardon, OH, 44024


        Boone County Jail

        3020 Conrad Lane

        Burlington, KY, 41005