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Making Millions from ICE While Never Leaving Columbus

Gerry Bello

$3,593,630 is a great deal of income in two short years for a family business. Especially when that income is realized from a single customer. However this is the amount that Farber Custom Vehicles has been paid through it's contracts with ICE, FEMA and the US Marshals Service. Although it may seem like the latter two are unrelated, ICE launders it's spending through those and other agencies as it proceeds with it's taxpayer funded ethnic cleansing.

While Farber does manufacture satellite communications vehicles for the United States Army and Navy out of Chevy 550 trucks, their work for the concentration camp regime consists of taking other off the shelf vehicles and trailers and converting them into things labeled as “tactical vehicle” or “mobile command center” or “mobile laboratory” or “mobile data processing center.” These are the physical infrastructure of workplace raids and neighborhood round ups, the intake point for a process that leads to children in cages drinking from toilets while being raped by guards.

The cost of a ride for the stolen children from the camps to one of Bethany Christian Services religious re-education and adoption centers in a Farber tactical vehicle is not covered in the contracts. The contract numbers are: HSCEOP07F00749, HSCEMD17A00002, HSFE5015F0435, HSHQDC09J00346, HSFE5012F0443, HSBP1106F12179, HSFE5017F0058, HSCEMD17F00220. Decoding these long contract numbers is actually not as difficult as it is designed to seem. The HS at the beginning of each stands for Homeland Security. The next two letters are for the agency. “CE” stands for Customs Enforcement. “FE” stands for Federal Emergency and means the Federal Emergency Management Agency. “BP” obviously stands for Border Patrol. “QDC” is the non-intuitive outlier and stands for the Office of Procurement of DHS and the vehicles purchased were tracked to the US Marshals Service for use when they are on loan to DHS.

The loaning of vehicles and other assets between agencies is in keeping with a plan for rounding up central American immigrants that has been on the shelf since it was first drafted by Lt. Col. Oliver North in 1984 and came to light during the Iran Contra affair later in the 1980s. The plan, called Rex-84 for “Readiness Exercise 84”, was a martial law plan to be used to round up people from El Salvador and Nicaragua if opposition to nun raping by US trained death squads in the former and narcoterrorism by the Contras in the latter got out of control. These were part of a large plan for general roundups codenamed GARDEN PLOT. GARDEN PLOT was a re-write of two earlier plans originating in the Nixon administration codenamed CABLE SPLICER and LANTERN SPIKE. FEMA played a civilian coordination role in all four plans. Donald Trump's public shifting of money from FEMA to ICE last month keeps with the overall arc of how off the shelf concentration camps are supposed to work in America.

Farber's fascist toy factory is located at 7052 Americana Parkway which is in that Nebulous space that doesn't quite know if it is Columbus or Reynoldsburg and seems to be wherever the tax break is the best. The land is owned by the family development company Farber Development LLC, while several other properties are owned by the other family real estate shells, Farber Properties and Farber Holdings LLC. Farber Holdings also owns the former headquarters of the Gestapo profiteer family located on Main Street in Whitehall. They rent this out to a used car lot and a tire shop. Picture below:

Farber Holdings also owns a commercial warehouse that seems to be rented on Crescent Parkway.

Director of Operations Nick Farber, who is also the head of Farber Properties, lives in Les Wexner's exclusive super wealthy suburb of New Albany in a house he does not own at 3986 Prince George Lane. The owners have no other properties in Franklin County and no Farber publicly associated with the company seems to own their own home.

The intake of nearly $3.6 million from one of many federal contracts is a lot of money to launder for one family, but the seem to do it well. With taxes rising for most Americans we wonder if Mexico is ever going to pay for the wall, because we are definitely paying for the concentration camps and the round ups and that money is staying on Americana Parkway in the heart of Ohio which is the heart of it all.

With the Farber family's help, Donald Trump can make ethnic cleansing profitable again.