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How an Ohio Company perfected the method that is helping Georgia suppress the black vote

Gerry Bello

he denial of the right to vote to black people in the old south is barely a news story. The headline might as well read “sunrise found to historically happen before noon.” Voter suppression is one of the foundational pillars of election fraud and both major parties do it to suppress everyone to the left of them. The Democrats do it to undermine progressives (most recently in New York) and the Republicans do it to undermine anyone who is not a rapist in jackboots.

Georgia purged 53,000 voters from the rolls right before the election and right before the registration deadline to keep as many of them from contesting their own disenfranchisement as possible. 70% of these voters are black in a state where only 30% of the population is black. Thus the last minute disenfranchisement of black voters happened at a rate nearly two and a half times their representation. Georgia has met it's two hundred year hold constitutional mandate of counting less than 3/5ths of their population along racial lines.

This 6.5% of the vote that is represented by suddenly disenfranchised black voters is the margin of victory by which Trump carried the state in 2016. Georgia Republicans have voter suppression along with gerrymandering down to a very exact science.

Very exact science is how this suppression was achieved. What was done was have the voter registration system do an “exact match” to validate a voter registration card against a driver's license or other state issued ID. Such an exact match is designed to create false negative matches by deliberately misinterpreting data, for instance failing to match “9th Street” with “Ninth Street” or “9th St.” or failing to match “Apt A” with “Apartment A.” This is either bad programming, or deliberately good programming.

Libraries that will handle that kind of data match are available and in widespread use for nearly every computer language. Where they are not available, they can be written. Making a database match with that level of accuracy is tedious, but within the capabilities of any person with an IT bachelors degree. This literally only happens if you do it on purpose.

The first company recorded doing this exact thing was Triad GSI, based in Xenia Ohio. It is a family owned business of the Rapp family and it is headquartered in a house that all four middle aged Rapp children and their families live and allegedly work. The Rapp family are hard core republican operatives whose public ally stated guiding principal is their opposition to reproductive rights.

Triad GSI first came to prominence in Florida in 2000. They had the contract to design and print the punch card ballots with the so called “hanging chads” and “dimpled chads” along a confusing layout. They were an integral part of George H.W. Bush's stolen victory that year.

During the 2012 election Triad GSI teamed with Election Systems and Solutions (ES&S), leading election systems manufacturer and known election rigging company, to provide “motor-voter solutions” to 87 of 88 Ohio Counties. Triad lead the programming and ES & S adapted the software to their proprietary hardware. The software made the same “mistakes” in Ohio that Georgia's system makes today. That caused 33,000 voters to be purged in 2012 in Ohio alone.

ES&S manufactures electronic pollbooks that look up voter registration at the polling place based on Triad's manipulated databases. In Georgia, the voter registration systems that recently carried out this purge are made by ES&S. ES&S has partnered with the overseas company SOE (a division of Scytl) to handle the electronic pollbooks.

If this first line purge does not work, there are huge documented security holes in Sctyl's pollbooks. This goes along with the company having a documented set of connections to the intelligence community and long history of shady dealings.

Looking at the data three weeks out, it is clear that the Republicans can count on their electronic elves to deliver them Georgia in the 2018 federal election. With voters turned away in drones in obviously racially targeted areas, this will also amount to an iron grip on local politics and a continuation of a narrow oligarchy with not even mysterious electronic support.