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Video - Native Protestors attacked with gas guns and armored vehicles from land and air at Datoka Access Pipeline Site

Gerry Bello

Photos and video courtesy - Despite the Obama administration's half-hearted pledge to review and/or suspend construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline the Oil war against the Lakota Nation continues.

Construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, owned by Energy Transfer Partners of Texas and Marathon Petroleum of Findlay Ohio, has continued. Another Prayer camp near the construction pathway was begun yesterday, September 27, and was attacked by a highly militarized police operation today.

At least 21 people were arrested after tear gas or some other noxious chemical was deployed on the protestors from a crop duster aircraft.


Live stream video (reposted below) showed police equiped with shotguns and armored vehicles both blocking in protestors and demanding they leave. At least one vehicle equiped with a sniper station and one Bearcat armored vehicle can be seen in what photos and videos have escaped censorship. 

The video was shot as additional protestors attempted to respond to the arrests of at least 21 other people. If additional photos or video become availible they will be posted.

There have been multiple reports of police blocking access to facebook accounts to keep live video from getting out. Because of the level of militarization and danger to citizen reporters on the ground, the Mockingbird has elected to go to press early with this breaking story. As further updates become available they will be posted.