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Trump rapes girl furnished by Columbus Billionaire Jeff Epstein. Both threaten to kill whole families.

Gerry Bello

In 1994 a 13 year old girl got off a bus at Port Authority in New York City. She dreamed of becoming a model and living a glamorous life amongst glamorous and wealthy people. The people were wealthy, but the life was not glamorous and she did not become a model. She was recruited to attend parties thrown by Jeff Epstein, who is the money manager for organized crime connected Columbus billionaire Les Wexner. She was raped at four of those parties by New York real estate billionaire turned racist presidential candidate Donald Trump. She was also raped on multiple occasions by Jeff Epstein. At least one of these incidents happened at Les Wexner's mansion on 71st street around the corner from Central Park East. The property is currently owned by the Sultan of Qatar.

Both she and her family were threatened with death if they ever spoke up or spoke out. She witnessed other minors being forcibly raped at these parties, including a 12 year old girl named Maria. She was told that if she ever spoke up, she would be killed as Maria had been. A year's worth of bombardment of Trump as candidate through the media poured salt on her wounds. On April 26th of this year she filed suit in federal court as Jane Doe. She is represented by Princeton attorney Thomas Francis Meagher. Meagher has already been threatened with disbarment by Trump's attorney. The case is docketed and the complaint is in our possession.

Her nightmare accelerated. She began receiving anonymous death threats by phone. When she changed her phone number they stopped. The news website Radar Online did a story on the case. Then they retracted. Then a witness came forward. Giving the pseudonym of Tiffany Roe, she claimed to have worked for Epstein from 1990 to 2000 as a procurer of young girls. She has given a sword affidavit saying that she witnessed the rapes of Jane Doe, Maria and other young girls by both Epstein and Trump. She is not a party to the suit and is seeking no monetary gain. She also claims she fears for her life and the lives of her family.

Jeff Epstein has been convicted of sexual crimes with under aged girls in the past. He was arrested in Florida in 2007 on charges of child prostitution. After making a $50,000 donation to the Palm Springs police department he plead guilty to a single count of soliciting. He served a short sentence and is a registered sex offender. Perhaps the this direct bribe had an effect or perhaps the courts were being easy on the rich and powerful as the public has recently seen.

Epstein's normal mode of procuring fits both Jane Doe's and Tiffany Roe's sworn testimony. He has been accused of using his girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, to procure women both for him and for his friend Prince Andrew, the Duke of York. Although Trump denies association with Epstein now, he was once quoted as calling Epstein a “great guy” who “loves beautiful women as much as I do.” Trump may be confused as to the difference between the verb “love” and the verb “rape.”

Epstein's friendship circle extends not only to both sides of the Atlantic, but to both sides of the political aisle. His private airplane, which frequently uses an intelligence community connected facility in Columbus Ohio, is known as the Lolita Express. Bill Clinton is known to have flown on it.

Ghislaine Maxwell is more than a girlfriend and go to procurer for Epstein. She sits at the center of a powerful circle of friends that include prominent Clinton backers and media moguls. Her father, Robert Maxwell, had a media empire until he mysteriously fell off his yacht. Jeff Epstein is listed as a person of interest in the elder Maxwell's death.

How far do Esptein and Maxwell's connections reach? They apparently reach very far. While Epstein was doing his brief jail stint, his butler attempted to sell his phone book to the media. He was caught by the FBI and died in prison.

The phone book was obtained by Gawker who briefly published it in a page at a time format before taking it down from their website. Gawker is now bankrupt due to a defamation suit brought by Hulk Hogan and financed by tech billionaire Peter Thiel. Since it is unlikely that Gawker will publish all 98 pages of who is who amongst the rich and famous it will be included for download at the end of this article.

Epstein will vigorously defend himself as he has in the past. He has employed both O.J. Simpson attorney Alan Dershowitz and former Federal Prosecutor Ken Star. Dershowitz is a personal friend who appears in the aforementioned phone book. Interestingly, that book contains circles around certain names. Some people claim these stars mark people who the butler witnessed having sex with under aged girls at Epstein's private island villa or were also witnesses. Dershowitz's name is circled as is Donald Trump's. Trump's sons Robert and Blaine and his ex-wife Ivanka are also listed but not circled. The butler is too dead to confirm or deny the meaning of these hand written notes.

Many other persons listed in Epstein's telephonic journal of depravity and rape will be the topics of further articles here as they have been in the past. As interesting as names of gliterati are the multiple names of “modeling agencies” and listings for “massage” in various countries. The book also lists an address on east 66th street in Manhattan as an “Apartment for Models.” Perhaps this was where Tiffany Doe resided during her decade of employment as procurer.

The Mockingbird will continue to cover this story. These are violent men with money and power, and there are many unanswered questions, starting with: "Where is Maria buried?"

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