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We can and will accept your leaks and protect your anonymity

Gerry Bello

A friend once asked me if I was going to find the next Edward Snowden. I told him, as the government well knows, you don't find Edward Snowden. Edward Snowden chooses you. A whistleblower wants to remain free. A whistleblower wants a media organization that will take a story public. These two desires are often in tension with each other. We have an app for that.

Now that we America has fully embraced living in a post-constitutional era, keep a whistleblower free requires technical savvy. To this end we have implemented to Secure Drop. Secure Drop is a project of the Freedom of the Press Foundation that allows sources to transfer information to reporters while remaining anonymous and untraceable. The information given is encrypted both in transit and at rest.

If you leak to the Mockingbird, we won't know who you are unless you tell us. There will have to be dialogue and journalistic due diligence before a leak becomes a story. This system gives us a safe way to build the trust necessary for collaboration between sources and journalists.

Currently 14 organizations have implemented Secure Drop and are committed to using it. We will are the 15th and Freedom of Press Foundation is finding out that we are joining the club with the same announcement you are reading.

We are the one of the few small (mostly) locally focused news outlets using Secure Drop. Corruption, malfeasance and abuse of authority happen at all levels of business and government. A source who reveals a bid-rigging for local construction contracts deserves the same protection as the source that reveals the next Watergate. They are taking the same risks to fulfill the same responsibilities to the same public.

To use Secure Drop and contact us you need to use Tor which is free to download. Our Onion address is vfer4m2r2cb5ya54.onion. We hope to hear from you soon